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Addon to make setting automaton attachments easier. Currently only works as pup main. Includes burden tracker.

Addon Author:Nitrous Nitrous@guildwork

Command List

All in-game commands are prefixed with //acon or //autocontrol Formated with Command + Arguement Ex.//acon saveset setname1

Command Argument Description
help Brings up this menu.
setlist List all saved automaton sets.
saveset “setname” Saves “setname” to your settings
equipset “setname” Equips “setname” to your automaton.
attlist setname Gets the attachment list for a giving set.
list Gets the list of currenty equipped attachments.

Burden Tracker

The following all corespond to the burden tracker…

Command Argument Description
fonttype “name” Changes tracker font type where “name” equals desired font.
fontsize “size” Changes tracker font size where “size” equals desired size.
pos “x” “y” Changes the coordinates of the tracker.
bgcolor “r” “g” “b” Changes the color of the tracker background, where “r”, “g”, “b” equal values 0-255.
txtcolor “r” “g” “b” Changes the color of the tracker text, where “r”, “g”, “b” equal values 0-255.
settings Shows your current settings.
show / hide Toggles visibility of the tracker so you can make changes.

Default Configuration

Default configurations can be adjusted at the following location: …addons\autocontrol\data\settings.xml

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