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Automatically invites players when sent a tell with a specified keyword.

Addon Author:R3G1STRY R3G1STRY@ffxiah

Command List

All in-game commands are prefixed with //ai or //autoinvite

Command Arguement Description
whitelist or blacklistadd “player” Adds a player to the whitelist or blacklist.
remove “player”Removes a player from the whitelist or blacklist.
keyword add “word” Adds a word to the keyword list where “word” is specified.
remove “word” Removes a word from the keyword list where “word” is specified.
tellback on/off Toggles tellback mode on or off, if no status specified then it will print current status.
status Will print status of current option. Includes all commands listed above.

If tellback mode is turned on and you are unable to send an invite to the player who sent you a tell with the specified keyword, you will automatically send them a tell back saying that you were unable to invite them.

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