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Addon to make setting blue spells easier. Currently only works as blu main.


  • Save blue magic sets and reapply them via the spellset command.
  • List your current spells that are set without opening the menu.
  • When you use the addon to equip a certain set a timers-based timer is displayed to let you know when your spells are ready.


The following commands are avaiable with the aset alias:

  • removeall - Unsets all spells.
  • spellset <setname> – Set (setname)'s spells.
  • add <slot> <spell> – Set (spell) to slot (slot (number)).
  • save <setname> – Saves current spellset as (setname).
  • currentlist – Lists currently set spells.
  • setlist – Lists all spellsets.
  • spelllist <setname> – List spells in (setname)
  • help –Shows this menu.
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