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Addon for chat log manipulation.


  • Allows chat log customization.
  • Condenses multi-line messages. (condensebuffs / condensebattle / condensedamage)
  • Cancels multiple “equipment changed” and “unable to change equipment” messages.


The following commands are available with the bm alias:

  • condensebuffs – Condenses multi-target buffs and spells into a single line.
  • condensebattle – Uses chat log customization to replace common lines with a line of your choosing.
  • condensedamage – Combines multiple hits of the same attack round into one line.
  • commamode – Toggles between using only commas to delimit values (true) and using “and” as well (false).
  • oxford – Toggles the oxford comma on (true) and off (false).
  • cancelmulti – Toggles “equipment changed” message canceling.
  • targetnumber – Toggles the inclusion of a [<number of targets>] at the front of condensed buffs.
  • reload – Reloads Battlemod options (not the entire addon).
  • unload – Unloads Battlemod.
  • help –Shows this menu.
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