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Addon to make ffochat show up in one of the 5 in-game chat tabs (say/shout/linkshell/party/tell), while also allowing you to show the text in a certain color to easily distinguish it from the chat that normally shows up in that tab.


  • Set chat tab for FFOChat text to appear in.
  • Set color of FFOChat text.
  • Highlight your name (or any word you feel like adding) or the line it appears on.


The following commands are avaiable with the ffocolor alias:

  • hlcolor <color#> –Changes the highlight color
  • chattab <say/shout/linkshell/party/tell> –Changes the chattab
  • highlight <line/name> –Changes the line or your name color when you are talked about in ffochat
  • talkedc <color#> –Sets the color of the highlight for when you are talked about
  • watchname <name> – Track another name
  • getcolors – Show a list of color codes. Be aware this is 255 lines of text
  • unload –Save settings and close ffocolor.
  • help –Shows this menu.
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