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Very light-weight stagger tracker for voidwatch. Its purpose is to catch the chat lines like “The fiend appears (extremely/highly) vulnerable to (ability/spell/ws)!” and capture this to a box in colored text form. Extremely will color the text white, highly red, and neither is a light blue. It does not track when weaknesses are hit, since that is not easy in the slightest due to it not telling exactly which is hit in the chat log. When one scrolls past in the chatlog it will get captured to the box. Thanks for your interest, and i hope you like it.


The following commands are avaiable with the strack alias:

  • bgcolor –Sets the color of the box.
  • text –Sets text color and size.
  • pos –Sets position of box.
  • unload –Save settings and close strack.
  • reset –resets the box back to empty.
  • help –Shows this menu.
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