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Addons are modules for Windower that are created and maintained by the community. To view our addon api, please visit our development wiki.

AEchoNitrousAutomatically uses echo drops when you get silenced. Also, uses send to send a message to an alt that you got debuffed.
AnsweringMachineByrthStores tells that you receive for later recall.
AutocontrolNitrousAutomated automaton equipment setting and burden tracker.
Autoinviter3g1stryAutomatically invites players when sent a tell with a specified keyword.
AutoJoinArconAutomatically joins or declines party invites. Configurable with blacklist/whitelist mode and auto-decline settings.
AutoRABanggugyanguCuases Ranged Attacks to behave the same as melee Auto-Attack.
AzureSetsNitrousAutomated blue magic spell setting.
BattleModByrthCustomizes battle chat messages.
BlistIkonicMore detailed blist with tiered display options. Allows for blist to be active on any or all of several chat types.
CancelByrthCancels buffs from the command line.
cBlockNitrousBlacklist addon for FFOChat.
CellHelpKrizz/BalloonTracks cells that are needed, displays your position in the lot order, and creates the appropriate LL profiles.
charsZohnoThis addon lets you input special chars using simple tags (ex.: <note> for ♪).
ChatPorterIkonicDisplays tell, party, and linkshell chat to alternate character and optional textbox. Also, allows you to reply from either character.
DynamisHelperKrizzDisplays a timer when a mob is procced, tracks currency obtained, and can create a LL to lot all currency.
enternityZohnoEnters “Enter” automatically when prompted during a cutscene or when talking to NPCs. It will not skip choice dialog boxes.
EvalAureusAllows developers to run arbitrary lua code in the console.
findAllZohnoSearches items stored on all your characters.
FFOColorNitrousAllows you to show FFOChat text in one of the 5 game chat channels. As well as specify colors for the text
GearSwapByrthChanges gear in response to player actions..
LinkerArconAllows opening links to certain websites from within the game, with an optional search parameter.
MacroChangerBanggugyanguAutomatically switches Macro Book and Page according to job changes.
MobCompassSebyg666A compass to show your position relative to the target (not players) for geo and has a setup for Sneak attack
obiawayReaper XAutomatically remove elemental obis based on day/weather/storm conditions.
OhShiNitrousKeeps track of various event related things. Such as, VW proc messages, mob casting, mob tp moves, TH procs and cor rolls, as well as others.
OrganizerByrth/RooksAn inventory management plugin similar to GearCollector.
PetSchoolBanggugyanguA helper addon for PUPs using spellcast, it informs spellcast of pet casting (healing or nuking).
plasmonZohnoTracks plasm, killed mobs and dropped airlixirs during a delve.
plugin_managerByrthAllows you to specify which plugins and addons will be used with which characters.
porterZohnoShows the slips' items highlighting those that are stored.
RespondByrthRespond to tells and FFOchat PMs using //r.
RollTrackerBalloonSimplifies Cor rolls, tells you the bonus they give, stops you from doubling up on lucky rolls and reports your chance to bust.
reiveZohnoTracks exp, bayld, momentum scores and bonuses during a reive.
SATACastBanggugyanguInforms Spellcast about changes to Sneak Attack and Trick Attack status.
ScoreboardSujiBasic in-game damage parser. It displays live DPS and works even when chat filters are enabled.
SendArconSends commands between windower instances using IPC.
ShortcutsByrthApplies spellcast-like command completion (interpretation and target completion) to commands.
StaggerTrackNitrousCatches voidwatch weakness messages and prints them to a textbox in case you miss them in the battle spam.
STNANitrousOne-button status removal for dual boxing.
StratHelperIhmA simple helper addon for Spellcast for Scholar Stratagems. It will automatically calculate the number of stratagems you have and push them into spellcast variables.
TargetInfoArconDisplays information about your current target in memory.
timestampZohnoPrefixes any chat message with a timestamp. Based on Timestamp plugin.
vwhlZohnoRedirects the nm's weaknesses (VW or Abyssea) to the “tell” stream so that they can be held using the chat filters' function and highlights the important info.
YushArconA portable macro engine based on customizable Lua files. Triggers faster than in-game macros and allows a significantly higher number of key combinations.
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