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Distance shows you the exact distance between you and your target. This is useful for mages, rangers, or any job trying to sneak around enemies, all of which requires knowing your distance from the target. The distance is displayed in the upper right corner next to the network status indicators.

It supports 2D and 3D mode, 2D mode doesn't take the height into account and will thus give different results than 3D mode. 2D mode is what is used for all distances in the game, such as aggro range, JA/spell range, invite range, etc and is the default setting for Distance. The mode can either be set in the settings XML file, or changed while the game is running.


distance <command> [arg1 [arg2 [...]]]
command Arguments Default Description
mode <dim> 2 Sets 2D or 3D mode.
Modes: 2, 2d, xy Sets mode to 2D.
3, 3d, xyz Sets mode to 3D.
None Toggles between the two.
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