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DrawDistance allows to set the clipping distance higher than what FFXI natively allows. It does the same thing as the Menu > Config > Misc. 2 > Clipping Plane option, only goes a lot higher than that. With this plugin it's possible to oversee entire zones.

This plugin is purely cosmetic. It will not show mobs that are out of visible range. It also increases CPU/GPU stress in the process. Although it can also be used to decrease stress on the computer by setting it to a value lower than 1 or even to 0.


drawdistance <command> [arg1 [arg2 [...]]]
command Arguments Default Description
setmap <dist> 1.0 Sets the map rendering plane to dist.
setmob <dist> 1.0 Sets the mob rendering plane to dist. This does not increase the actual mob visibility, only the fog effect present on the mob.
set <dist> 1.0 Sets the map rendering plane to dist.
show None Shows the current DrawDistance mob and map settings.
reset None Resets the values to when before DrawDistance was loaded.
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