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A plugin that connects to the FFOChat IRC server ( and allows you to chat with both plugin and regular IRC users on there. The server is hosted independently of FFXI and offers various channels, including for Windower or Lua support.


  • Cross-server chat.
  • Join arbitrary channels.
  • Access the chat without being in the game through web apps or regular IRC software.
  • Chat is not lost on zoning.
  • Live Windower support (assuming one of us is awake/available).
  • Send PMs to people on there.
  • Customizable through settings file.


Upon load, the plugin will automatically join the channels specified in the settings XML file. Each channel will be assigned a number. To chat in a specific channel, type /x <message>, where x is the number assigned to that channel. For example, #vanadiel will usually have the number 1. To chat in that channel, type the following:

/1 Hello Vana'diel!

Your name will automatically be Playername[Server], where the Server shows the first five characters of your server, so for example Starcade[Levia].

To send PMs to people on FFOChat, type /pm <name> <message> where name must contain the full name of that person (in the case of other FFOChat plugin users, this includes the server name).

When joining a channel, it will automatically show all the names currently in that channel. Since that can be somewhat spammy, especially when joining multiple channels, this can be disabled in the settings XML file by settings <showNames> to false.

The default color is 8 but can be changed in the settings XML file.


chat <command> [arg1 [arg2 [...]]]
Command Arguments Default Description
join <channel> None Joins the channel name.
leave <number> None Leaves the channel assigned to number.
names <number> None Displays all the names currently in a channel. If manually entered, this will still be shows, even if <showNames> was set to false.
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