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gc job[/subjob] [group1] [group2] ...

gc sam
gc mnk/war
gc drk fishing mdt tp ws


GearCollector will automatically collect gear from your storage (bank, locker, etc.) based on your spellcast files.

Before You Start

  • All xml tags and attribute must be in lower case.
    <spellcast xmlns:xi = "">


    <SpellCast Xmlns:xi = "">



    Tags are the first part after the ”<” and attributes are the tests for that tag. In the above example <spellcast> is the tag and xmlns:xi is the attribute.

  • Make sure your SpellCast xml uses the short name used in game.
    Summoner's Bracer's > Summoner's Brc.
    Summoner's Bracers +1 > Smn. Bracers +1
    Duelist's Chapeau +1 > Dls. Chapeau +1
  • Save your xml with names that both SpellCast and GearCollector can find.
    Saving your file in the following format allows for easier finding of the file you want to use.
    Charname_Mainjob.xml if you have the same gear for all subjobs or if you have different groups based on you subjob
    Charname_Mainjob_Subjob.xml if you want different gear based on main and sub jobs. 
  • Misc gear used in variables or specific items.
    In order for GearCollector to load all gear it requires them to be in sets/groups, for equipment used in variables (obis and staves, for example) you will need to create a set under the desired group.
    <set name="gearcollector">
         <item>terra's staff</item>
         <item>korin obi</item>
         <item>echo drops</item>

Configuration File

Inside of the plugins configuration directory (Default: plugins/settings/GearCollector.xml), you can enable the areas that you want GearCollector to use. By default, it will only attempt to use the Storage, Safe, and Locker. You can enable, or disable, any current storage locations. This can also be configured on a per user basis.

      The available settings are:
      blockKeyboard - Automatically disable your keyboard when collection starts
      blockMouse - Automatically disable mouse
      useSafe - Use your mog safe to collect/store items
      useLocker - Use your mog locker
      useSatchel - Use your satchel
      useSack - Use your sack
      useStorage - Use storage
      autoHeal - automatically places you in a a /heal when collection ends
      itemDelay - Time to wait inbetween moving items.
      openStorage - Whether or not to open storage sources when moving items

The Collection Process

During the collection process GearCollector will locate items required and collect these from accessible areas (if you cannot access storage in your current area then GearCollector will not try and collect gear found there).

GearCollector will continue to collect gear until your inventory is full. Once your inventory is full GearCollector will move items not used by your current job (based on SpellCast and Gobal xmls) to empty slots in your various storage areas and then continue collecting. This process will repeat until all items have been collected.

Once all items have been collected GearCollector will then put any unneeded items away into all available storage areas allowing maximum inventory space.

Should you have more items than inventory space based on your xmls GearCollector will never finish. You would then need to do a gc stop (or from the console: gc stop) to end the plugin and manually make appropriate space.

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