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Automatically stack items in your inventory and lot or pass items.


  • Automatically stacks (does not sort) items in your inventory.
  • Lots or passes on items based on user-defined profiles.
  • Profiles are plain text files with lists of item IDs and lot or pass rules.


The only command is to load a profile. It can be invoked using either lightluggage or ll (that's lowercase LL).

\\ll profile <filename> 

The default profiles are saved in the Windower\plugins\ll (that's lowercase LL) folder.


Lot commands follow precedence, i.e. the commands that come first take priority over later commands. Each line starts with if item followed by an evaluator is or is not then a list of one or more IDs separated by commas and ends with either then lot or then pass. Anything following a double forward slash // is considered a comment and ignored.

if item [is|is not] <ID list> then [lot|pass]//user comments

Copied from example.txt.

//Example Profile
//Provides syntax examples, not intended for actual use

if item is 1126 then lot //Lots 1126 (Beastmen's seal)
if item is 10,10,220 then pass //Lots 10, 10, and 220
if item is 10 then lot //This will never happen
if item is not 1 then pass //Passes everything besides 1 and 1126
if item is 2 then lot //This will never happen

About IDs

Item IDs are from the FFXI DAT files and can be located in one of three places.

  1. Programs like POLUtils can be used to find specific item IDs.
  2. You can also find IDs in the URL of the item on FFXIAH.
  3. Resources folder inside your windower/plugins folder.
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