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This plugin logs all chat to a file in a specified folder. It will shorten multiple names equivalent lines to one and prepend the number of times it occurred.

It saves the log by (real) day and every time you zone or log in after the day has changed (for your system time) a new file will be created. All log files are saved in the format <playername>_<year>.<month>.<day>.log.

Note: Does not yet support a settings XML file.


logger <command> [arg1 [arg2 [...]]]
command Arguments Default Description
toggle None On Toggles the logging function.
timestamp None On Toggle to prepend a timestamp.
color None Off Toggle to prepend the color of the chat line in the form <color:x>.
format <format> [%02d:%02d:%02d] Sets the timestamp format. Do not edit if you don't know printf-specific formatting.
logdir <dir> ./Windower/Logs Sets the directory to save log files to.
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