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run command file
-hideThis will hide the apps window, if you do not need to see it. You will need to use the -killonly parameter or your task manager to close it if it does not give you a system tray menu.
-minAll three do the same thing, makes the application open in a minimized state, however FFXI's focus will still be lost.
-killKills the process before opening it. This is to help insure you do not accidentally open 2 applications if it is still open already. This option checks by full path. So if you have an app named test.exe opened from C:\MySecrets\test.exe, and you issue -kill on D:\windower\apps\test.exe, it will not kill your MySecrets version. It will only kill apps if its the same exact path as the one you are trying to open
-killonlySame as above, except it does not open a new program, only kills it. This is the exact same thing as the windows 'pskill' program and unix's 'kill' command, except it still relies on pathname.
-dirWill override the automatic directory finding code. This sets the working directory for the application launch. This option should rarely ever need to be used. Example situation would be your exe is in a seperate path than the working directory needs to be in such as spawning a php script through php.exe but keeping working directory to where your php script is located.
-runonceWill not run the application if it is already currently running.


Run will let you open other applications and files from within FFXI through commands. The idea behind this plugin is to open 3rd party programs all at once, and can be done in your init.txt so you can open all your applications every time FFXI opens.

Run supports the use of command line arguments to the applications you start and the ability to specify a starting directory, along with the option to start minimized, start hidden, or just plain kill the process instead of opening it (and the ability to kill it before opening it).

Usage Rules

  • All parameters to the plugin MUST be before the actual file path to the file to open (-hide -min -kill -killonly -dir).
  • If your File path or -dir setting has spaces in it, you MUST enclose it in quotes ” ”.
  • Command line arguments do not have to be in quotes. All arguments past the file path is sent to the program.
  • File paths CAN be relative. Relative paths will be based from your WINDOWER directory, NOT PlayOnline.
  • Forward slashes are Ok. They will automatically be converted to backslashes. D:/windower/apps/test.exe will work fine.
  • The order of using -hide -dir -kill -killonly and -min do not matter. As long as they are set before the file path.
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