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Plugins are modules for Windower that are developed and maintained by the Windower team. These are automatically kept up to date by the launcher, and can be set to automatically load when you log in.

AttainmentTracks earned experience, cruor and Dynamis key items.
AutoExecAutomatically run Windower commands in response to events.
BinderBind to the macro keys on your gaming keyboard or mouse.
BlinkMeNotStop yourself or other players from blinking.
BoxHelperProvides assistance opening Fields of Valor and Grounds of Valor treasure caskets.
CancelAdds a Windower command to cancel specific status effects.
ChatLinkOpen or copy URLs from in-game.
ClockShows a clock in-game.
ConsoleBGAdds a background color or image to the Windower console.
DistanceAdds a display showing the distance to targets
DrawDistanceExtends the default draw distance.
FFOChatChat on the FFOChat IRC server.
FFXIDBThings and stuff.
FindQuickly locate or keep track of items.
GearCollectorCollect and store gear based on your Spellcast XML profiles.
GuildworkIntegrate with
IMEAllows typing in Japanese using the Windows input method editor.
InfoBarDisplays a configurable bar showing information on your targets.
ItemizerAutomatically moves ninja tools into your inventory before casting. Also adds a Windower command to manually move items.
LightLuggageAutomatically stack items in your inventory and lot or pass items.
LoggerSaves a copy of your Final Fantasy XI chat logs.
PetTPTracks pet vitals.
PlasticSurgeonLocally alters your race, gender or face.
RunStart or stop external applications through Windower.
SilenceRemoves gear change spam.
SpellcastAutomatically swap gear based on rule profiles.
SSOrganizerOrganizes screenshots based on character and area.
StatusTimerDisplays buff timers below your status effects.
TextAdds a Windower command to manage text boxes.
TickleDisplays the time remaining until your next resting tick.
TimestampAdds a timestamp to chat log entries.
TPartyShow MP/TP of party and alliance members.
TimersDisplays the time remaining until your next resting tick.
VanaTunesStart, stop or play music.
WeatherMonTrack and play alerts based on weather changes.
WinControlManually control window positioning.
ZoneTimerDisplays a timer showing how long you have been in the current area.
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